Development History Of LEEPER

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1994, established "Guangdong Shunde MING PAI Stainless Steel Products Company".

1999, established "Zhongshan JING JING Glass CO. LTD.

2001, the first induction cooker was born in LEEPER.

2003, formally established the Foshan Shunde FEI GE Appliances CO. LTD.

2006, the second electric pressure cooker products are officially put into production.

2008, the company launched a new generation of "Reduced-Fat Pot" to the market.

2009, officially launch TV shopping channel to expand brand influence.

2009, the “RANGE HOOD” department of "Foshan Shunde FEI GE Appliances CO., LTD" is established.

2010, hold a national seminar on TV shopping, which focuses on the blue ocean and the TV shopping.

2011, The new plant is officially put into use, invested 10 million yuan for new equipment , and in this year, the automatic production line of spraying workshop, kitchen and bathroom appliances is set up, which fully realizes the automatic stamping, self-injection molding and self-opening mode.

2011, together with "HUI CONG" electric power grid, we invited 300 excellent agents from home appliance industry to conduct on-the-spot investigation.

2011, launched the new marketing model of "one product three-dimensional network marketing", and held the annual product launch event of " LEEPER state kitchen appliances" products.

2012, the company invested heavily in building a "lean production" control system .

2012, LEEPER brand launches CCTV "CCTV-3 SETS" and "CCTV-8 SETS" channels.

2013, the company held the second session of the state business, "win at the terminal" national distributor marketing summit.