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LEEPER's advantages:

LEEPER is the professional manufacturer of electric pressure cooker, rice cooker and electric kettle. LEEPER has concentrated in home appliances field for more than 20 years and has unique advantages on kitchen appliances. LEEPER strictly manages the products quality all the time and it has a certain market share in Asia, Europe and America. LEEPER has SUS plant, stamping workshop, injection molding workshop and painting workshop in it's own factory, so it has unique advantages in quality supervision and cost control.  LEEPER has been committed to providing high quality products to customers at a reasonable price. As for these reasons, LEEPER has power to keep a good benign effect between the products quality and price.

Manufacturing advantage:

Leeper has been manufacturing kitchen appliances in ODM to MIDEA, POVOS, MAZUBA for many years, so it has ready-made complete verifiable component production line and assembly line. High-standards production lines ensure high quality of outputs and efficient capacity. High efficiency operating mode ensures high quality services and uninterrupted supply chain, providing high quality products and efficient services for purchasers and consumers.

Particular advantages of LEEPER's products:    

1:Open cover protection.

When there is pressure inside the pot,both the top cover and the lid are locked, preventing the user from forcing open cover and avoiding the danger of pressure cooker explosion caused by wrong operation.

2:Limited pressure protection.

When pressure over 110KPA in the pot, the pressure limiting valve automatically push up the exhaust,avoiding the explosion caused by high pressure in it.

3:Preventing blockage protection.

The upper cover is designed with oversize double plug to prevent flowing food from entering the blocked air valve.

4:Thermal control protection.

When dry burning occurs in the inner pot the temperature limiting device automatically cuts off the power supply, stops the heating,and prevents the dry burning from rising the temperature.

5:Over temperature protection.

When the temperature in the pot is too high, the fuse will melt up and the electric pressure cooker automatically stops heating.

6:Over pressure self-discharge protection.

When the pressure in the pot is abnormal,the inner pot will move downward and create a gap between the sealing ring to release the pressure and avoid the further rising of pressure.

7:Over current protection.

When the electric current in the pot is too large, the circuit board will cut the fuse, disconnect the power and prevent the product from being burnt.

8:Pressure self-control.

Keep the pressure in the pot constant in the 50~80KPA golden cooking pressure value, and the constant pressure heating will release the nutrients perfectly.

9:We can design and produce cooker and kettle according to the concrete requirements of your target market. The material, weight, size, color, style, shape, thickness and other quality parameters can be changed according to the objective demands in your market if they are needed.