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LEEPER awards the "China Building Materials Network Kitchen Top Ten Brand" honour Date:2017-10-27

May 18, 2017 "Poly Together" the second session of the China Building Materials Industry Forum and China Building Materials Network recommended brand awards ceremony grand opening, LEEPER Electrical Appliances Ltd., Co stands out in many brands-wins the "China Building Materials Network Kitchen Appliances Top Ten Brands ", The scene of fierce competition, fights not only the brand's reputation, it is LEEPER electrical brand strength and perseverance.

China Building Materials Network "Kitchen Appliances Top Ten Brand" award

China Building Materials Network "Kitchen Appliances Top Ten Brands" is the highest rating in the domestic kitchen appliances field, the most credible and influential kitchen appliances awards. LEEPER, its continuous innovation and the characteristics of the cultural characteristics of the brand has won the praise of the industry and the user's praise. Since the first session held in 2016, for two consecutive years won the China Building Materials Network "kitchen appliances top ten" award.

2017 China Building Materials Network "Kitchen Appliances Top Ten Brand" selection through the network for more than 40 days, selected by the majority of the masses to the most popular consumer brands. Access to the China Building Materials Network" the top ten brands of kitchen appliances," the enterprises are: LEEPER, FOTILE, SAKURA and so on, all big brands gathered.

"Kitchen appliances top ten brand" award list

LEEPER Electric was established in 1994, there are: export, OEM and independent brands of the three major business segments. Group companies include: Dayan Industrial Zone LEEPER Electric Co., Ltd., Dayan Industrial Zone Le Bang live Electric Co., Ltd., Triangle Industrial Zone Guangdong Le Bang Co., Ltd., Chaozhou City, sent stainless steel products factory, Zhongshan City Dayan Jingjing glass products factory Five production base, plant covers an area of more than 40 million square meters, the annual production scale of 12 million units, self-produced rate of 100% or more, self-made rate of 95%. Hood machine assembly workshop development of four production lines, an average of every 30 seconds there is a finished product line, so large-scale, large manufacturing, large production, intelligent kitchen production base in China among the best.

Do not forget the original heart, side was always. LEEPER Electric won the China Building Materials Network "kitchen appliances top ten brands", for us, both honor and responsibility. For the honor, we feel cherish, this is everyone on our affirmation and trust; for the responsibility, we dare to play, this only represents the past, is the starting point of progress, will also be our future efforts to promote innovation and motivation.

The future, LEEPER electrical appliances will, as always, firmly at first, there is to adhere to, have learning, a dream idea, committed to become a young fashion, intelligent household appliances leading enterprises for each user to provide a full range of kitchen appliances and electrical appliances Solutions and professional services. Work with industry to practice brand beliefs and commitments!