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LEEPER, a leader horse in the kitchen appliances field Date:2017-09-25

The long years

Some of the encounter somewhere

Sometimes you think of the end

In fact, only the transition

And what do you think of the transition

It is the fate of somewhere


When i have no time around you

I only see two in the crowd

Like you or not like you

But not you


Met Le Bang YE006 smoke machine

A key to degreasing

Do not worry about cooking

Accompany you through the young and frivolous

Play with you

Hand in hand with a good future

Until the black and white when the white

The heart of the red heart has not changed


Do not care about the days of small repeat

Slow down the pace and then not reckless

A bowl of white porridge

The morning lazy and satisfied

A cup of tea

Afternoon sunny and comfortable

A glass of wine at a table

Under the sunset to relax


Met Le Bang

So that you meet each other

Accompany you to come to the temples white