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LEEPER Group warmly welcome European and American guests to visit the factory and workshop Date:2017-09-19

February 26, 2017, LEEPER Group has just bid farewell to the whole country people, but also ushered in Europe and the United States foreign guests come to visit. With LEEPER electrical brand strength and manufacturing strength of the highlights, our group also has a certain degree of visibility abroad, foreign guests are here for the field to study the overall strength of Le Bang Electric. After coming to the group, Le Bang Electric Ministry of Foreign Trade Department of the total enthusiasm of the terminal, Lai always understand the intention of customers in detail, to the European and American foreign guests introduced the development process of the Group and the success of foreign countries in previous years cooperation cases, and for the actual situation of foreigners in Europe and America Give the program and advice.


During the period of inspection, the foreign guests visited our production workshop, testing room and other departments and products exhibition, European and foreign foreigners on the Lubang Group standardized production processes, strict quality management and high-value, high-quality products to give a high evaluation, And expressed confidence in the cooperation.

European and foreign foreign guests visit the production and quality inspection departments

European and foreign foreign guests to visit the product exhibition

Subsequently, Lai and Europe and the United States foreign guests to the third floor of multi-functional conference room, the development trend of home appliances industry, home appliances production process and research and development direction of the in-depth discussion, through the discussion of mutual understanding of each other, After more in-depth cooperation to lay a good foundation.

Lai and the European and American foreign guests in the conference room

The visit was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Before leaving the country, foreign guests expressed their deep understanding of the business strength, production scale, quality assurance and overall development of the Group through the understanding of the various aspects of LeBang Group. confidence.