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LEEPER follows the trend of times, show itself to the world Date:2017-10-20


Electric pressure cooker as upgrade product of traditional pressure cooker, optimization of the traditional pressure cooker, rice cooker, cooker, like three cooker advantage into an organic whole, and made up for the shortage of the pot, so get the attention of consumers. With the increase of production enterprises, the market promotion has been strengthened accordingly, making the electric pressure cooker products in the consumers' perception of the increasing awareness.

Due to the obvious differences between the functions of the electric pressure cooker and other POTS, it is very suitable for the living habits of modern people - fast, convenient and multi-purpose demand, and its market potential is huge.

In 2012, China's electric pressure cooker market continued to improve and innovate products, to the multi -functional, intelligent higher level development.Electric pressure cooker is a practical cooking utensil. It has the incomparable advantage over other cooking utensils, can meet various needs of cooking, can fast, safe, automatic implement a variety of cooking methods, the characteristics of energy saving, nutrition is the direction of the modern people pursue. Functionally, it combines the functions of many kinds of appliances, and is the preferred product for substituting electric rice cooker, pressure cooker, electric cooker, braised cooker, etc. Therefore, the future development prospect of the electric pressure cooker is very optimistic and the market has a great space, which is worth developing.

LEEPER has attended the CHINA IMPORT AND EXPORT FAIR every year. It also attended the IFA GLOBAL MARKETS STATION-BENLIN, Germany in 2015 and the CHICAGO IHA in 2016, USA. LEEPER has expanded it's business all over the world and has a certain markets in Asia, Europe and America. LEEPER has been committing to providing high quality products to customers at a reasonable price and keep a benign effect between prices and quality.

LEEPER, a new leader horse in the kitchen appliances field, has showed itself to the world through it's high quality products and superior service. LEEPER will effect all efforts to achieve next goal from now on. After getting so much honour, LEEPER will creat a new glorious history in the field it stands in.